Non Surgical Face Lift

A non- surgical face lift utilises the latest longer lasting Vycross range of dermal fillers in combination with Botox.

In youth the ideal face shape is that of an inverted triangle with high-set cheek bones and a heart shaped face. Over time due to changes in bone structure and fat compartments the inverted-triangle shape begins to look more like a non-inverted triangle and there is a squaring of the lower part of the face due to jowl formation. The middle part of the face also loses its volume leading to tear troughs, cheek hollowing, nose to mouth lines and marionette lines. Lips become thinner and are less defined with upper lip lines and due to bone changes the nose can begin to tip forward.

All these signs of ageing can be addressed with dermal filler and can result in stunning yet natural results which can last up to two years.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual following a detailed consultation.

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How is this achieved?

A detailed consultation will take place where you are able to cite your problem areas and concerns. It is useful to bring in old photographs to better highlight and target areas of ageing.

You will have a facial examination both in the resting state and in animation.

Once a treatment plan has been devised dermal filler will be injected into carefully selected areas in the top, middle and lower parts of the face.

Results are instant and last up to 2 years

What Is The Cost?

Treatment From £1580

For further information regarding this treatment please enquire through our 'Book a Consultation' form.