Frown and Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

The line that develops between the eyebrows is known as the frown line and is often associated with emotions such as anger and unhappiness. It can occur with repeated frowning and also squinting. The horizontal lines that develop across the forehead occur due to repeated elevation of the eyebrows.

Both frown and forehead lines can be treated very effectively with Botox®. Dermal filler can also be used in combination with Botox injections to plump out deeper lines.

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How is this achieved?

Botox is injected into the specific muscles that cause frowning. This works particularly well at relaxing the muscle and preventing it from producing a frown. Likewise the muscle that causes the horizontal forehead lines can also be targeted and treated. The injections start to take effect within a few days with the full result achieved at 2 weeks.

In those with very deep lines, dermal filler can also be injected to give an immediate softening and smoothing effect.

What Is The Cost?

Botox cost dependant on number of areas treated:

One area £190
Two areas £260
Three areas £320
Four areas £370
- -
Filler for Frown lines (lasts around 6-9 months) From £200

For further information regarding this treatment please enquire through our 'Book a Consultation' form.