Down Turning Corners

These can make an individual appear sad or unhappy and the associated lines which develop in some are known as ‘marionette lines’. Treatment is targeted to areas of volume loss with dermal filler to help support and lift the mouth area.

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How is this achieved?

During the consultation areas of volume loss which have contributed towards the down turning will be identified. Loss of volume in the cheeks and lower face contribute to this. Dermal fillers are then used to replace the lost volume leading to a lifting effect.

Botox can also be used to help relax the muscle which contributes to the down turning. However if there is significant volume loss it is best to combine this with dermal filler.

What Is The Cost?

This depends on which areas have been highlighted during the consultation:

Botox (lasts around 3 months) £190
Juvederm Ultra filler (lasting 6 months) From £300
Juvederm Vycross filler (lasting 12-18 months) From £395

For further information regarding this treatment please enquire through our 'Book a Consultation' form.