Chin Dimpling

Also known as ‘cobble-stoning’ an overactive muscle in the chin can cause dimples to appear during talking or eating. This can be treated with dermal filler and Botox.

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How is this achieved?

The whole area is softened with dermal filler leading to a smooth and fresh appearance. Results are instant and natural.

Botox can also be used to relax the muscle which causes the dimpling. The injections start to take effect within a few days with the full result achieved at 2 weeks.

What Is The Cost?

Botox (lasting around 3-4 months) £190
Juvederm Ultra Range (lasting around 6 months) From £260
Juvederm Vycross range (lasting 12-18 months) From £395

For further information regarding this treatment please enquire through our 'Book a Consultation' form.