Cheek Enhancement

Having beautifully defined cheek bones not only makes a person more attractive but provides scaffolding to the face and helps lift the lower face including the jawline.

With ageing or weight loss there is loss of plumpness to the cheeks leading to a gaunt appearance and restoring this results in a more fresh and youthful appearance.

The key aim is to provide natural looking results and to avoid the ‘pillow face’ look which is a sign of too much filler.

How is this achieved?

Dermal filler is placed along the cheekbones to help elevate and lift the mid face. Where there is flattening of the cheeks filler is placed in sights pre-marked during the assessment process.

What Is The Cost?

Juvederm Ultra (lasts around 6 months) From £300
Juvederm Vycross (lasts 12-18 months) From £395

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