Dermal Filler for Ears?

Dr Sabba

1st August 2018


You may wonder why anyone would feel the need to have dermal fillers injected into their ears but over time the ears age just like the face and neck area.

With collagen and elastin loss the earlobe can begin to sag and for women who like to wear earrings the ear piercing can change from a small hole to an elongated slit.  If left the slit becomes longer and if heavy earrings are worn there is a risk of a complete split of the ear lobe which would require surgery to correct.


How can this be treated?

I inject hyaluronic acid dermal filler in a way which restores the strength of the ear lobe.  I also use dermal filler to treat the elongation of the earring piercing.  This means that you can continue to wear the jewellery you want without worrying that the hole will lengthen even more.

The following pictures demonstrate a before/after of a client who loved wearing heavy gold earrings but had noticed the change in her ears.  Even when she wore studs they did not sit correctly in her ears and she would worry that they might fall out.

I injected a small amount of hyaluronic acid filler into the ear lobe and restored the volume as well as reducing the size of the piercing hole.  My client was delighted.  The procedure was quick, tolerated very well and is also long-lasting.

Before/After of the right ear. This client had significant elongation of her ear piercing hole.


Before/ After of the left ear. This client had significant elongation of her ear piercing hole.


Is it painful?

This procedure is tolerated extremely well.  Numbing cream is applied and there is also anaesthetic in the filler making it overall a very comfortable procedure.


Are there any side-effects?

Overall is is a very safe procedure.  There is some mild redness and swelling but this usually settles within a day or two by which time earrings can be worn again.


How long does it last?

The filler lasts 12-18 months however there is a good chance that it may last even longer as dermal filler seems to last a lot longer when injected into ear lobes.  This may be due to the fact that earlobes are not usually an area where there is a lot of movement.


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