Dr Sabba

31st July 2018

Within the field of aesthetics new products are often introduced and after the initial buzz that is generated both practitioners & patients realise that unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the hype. This however is not the case with PROFHILO® and since its launch in March 2015 I have consistently heard positive things and seen excellent results.  In fact, Profhilo has won multiple awards in the aesthetics industry including an award for the best injectable product in Europe.


What is it?

Profhilo was developed by IBSA Italia and contains 64mg of natural, non-cross-linked hyaluronic-acid. It is important to know that it is not a dermal filler.  Profhilo does not stay where it is injected, instead it spreads beneath the skin so works throughout the tissues to hydrate, lift and contour.


What is it used to treat?

It provides intense hydration to the skin making it appear brighter and stimulates collagen and elastin to treat skin laxity.  Areas that can be treated include the face, neck, upper chest and hands.




Is it safe?

PROFHILO is very biocompatible.  It is a highly purified natural hyaluronic acid that does not contain any chemical agents to modify the structure.  The risk of adverse reactions are therefore very low.


What does the procedure involve?

For the face, the procedure consists of five injection points on each side.  These five points (see diagram below) are known as Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) and were selected to maximise the spread of the product. The procedure takes around 5-10 minutes and there is minimal down time.  Swelling resolves within 1-5 days.

Diagram showing the 5 Bio Aesthetic Points points


When will I see results?

A course of two treatments are recommended 4 weeks apart.  Improvement in skin hydration is seen within 4 weeks and improvement in skin laxity is seen 4 weeks after the second treatment.


Before/ Afters

The pictures below demonstrate the improvements in skin texture and hydration from Profhilo. The bioremodelling effect results in improvements in skin laxity.



For further information or to book a consultation please call 020 36334908, email or DM @drsabba

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