What does a ‘Natural-Look’ mean to you?

Dr Sabba

4th June 2018


Many people are put off or fearful of aesthetic treatments as they worry that their results will not appear natural.  I understand these concerns and I do think that if I did not work in aesthetics I would feel exactly the same way.

The other thing which can be a little unnerving when scrolling through before/after pictures on social media of ‘natural looking’ results is when they are anything but.  What one practitioner’s definition of ‘natural’ is can certainly vary to the next.


This is why the aesthetic consultation is such an important part of the whole process. 


When you attend your aesthetic consultation, it is crucial that by the end you feel confident that your practitioner has a complete understanding of what you want and how you want to look. You should be given the time to explain exactly what it is you are seeking.  You should never feel rushed and you should never feel coerced into proceeding with treatment.  If you feel that your practitioner doesn’t truly have your best interests at heart then do not go ahead, regardless of how good the deal appears or how much you want to have your treatment.  Keep on looking, read reviews, ask family or friends for recommendations and ask to look at before and after pictures before you go ahead.


So what does ‘natural look’ mean to me?


My own view of natural-looking results is being able to address an individual’s facial aesthetic concern in a way which would not be obvious to others.  If a result is distracting to the eye this can often appear unnatural.  Now if an individual actually wants their treatment with dermal filler to appear obvious that is their choice however my clients in general want effective results in a completely natural-looking way. Having a lightness of touch when it comes to injecting with  dermal filler treatments and knowing when to stop is key here.


What does a natural look mean to you?


Would you not want a single other soul to be able to tell you have had Botox or filler? Would you not mind if your friends and family could tell but mind if a stranger could? Would you not mind if everyone could tell so long as you still looked good? These are all things clients have said to me when they have initially stated they want to look natural and it would be worth just considering some of these points before your aesthetic consultation.


Are there any treatments in particular where people want more and more?


Without a doubt, the one treatment where even the most cautious clients are tempted by further treatments is lip filler. It seems to be the one area where people can start losing sight of what is normal and natural-looking for them as they really like the fuller shape!  I do want to stress here though it is not the clients fault- it is just really hard being truly objective when you look at yourself in the mirror and that is why you should see an aesthetic practitioner who will give you the best advice for you even if this means saying no!



Two examples of before and after 1ml Juvederm lip filler


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