How Can I Look Less Tired?

Dr Sabba

10th November 2017

A lot of people I see tell me they wish to look less tired and more refreshed.  Some people are told they look tired by others when they’re not or think this themselves when they look in the mirror.  There are certain signs on the face which cause a person to appear tired and when treated, give a rested appearance.

Little tweaks to carefully selected sites can impact a huge amount on how someone is perceived.  Again it is really important to me that a client does not appear ‘done’ but just looks better, almost like they’ve been away on a really relaxing holiday.

In this blog I go through three different treatments which can help treat the tired look however not everyone will require all treatments and that is why it is important to have a thorough and detailed consultation to discuss your own specific concerns to formulate your own personal treatment plan.


  1. TEAR TROUGHS. This is a big reason for that tired look.  A hollowing develops under the eye, often in people in their late twenties onward.  It causes dark circles to appear darker and no amount of concealer seems to help.  Tear trough treatment involves injecting filler into specific parts under the eye to soften the hollowing.  It works instantly and results in an overall fresher and brighter eye area.


  1. NOSE TO MOUTH LINES.  These give a drawn appearance to the face and directs the view downwards.  It often occurs due to volume loss in the cheek area.  Filler in the nose to mouth line is a very simple and effective way of freshening someone up.  Dermal filler in the cheeks will help the nose to mouth lines in people who have lost volume there due to the lifting effect.



  1. MARIONETTE LINES. These are the lines that develop from the corners of the mouth downwards towards the chin.  Again they occur due to volume loss in the face which causes the skin and tissues to drop.  It results in someone looking tired, drawn and also can project sadness.  Filler is used to lift the corners of the mouth.  This is very effective and instantly makes the person being treated look fresher and even happier as the corners of the mouth are now no longer dropping.



Every person is different and these are general rules on why someone may have a tired appearance.  During the consultation a treatment plan is created tailored to the individual’s own features and concerns.  This tailored treatment results in the best results and happy clients!

For further information or to book a consultation please call 020 36334908, email or DM@drsabba

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