How Can I Look More Attractive?

Dr Sabba

19th October 2017

For a lot of people, looking more attractive is an important factor when it comes to having aesthetic treatments.  There are some general features that attractive people share and this blog will discuss that and how aesthetic treatments can achieve this in a natural-looking way.

Before I start though, I want to discuss something which I hear from time to time.  There are some people who are just against aesthetic treatments full stop.  These people are not only against them but they seem to take delight in telling others just how much they are against them too.  ‘Grow old gracefully’, ‘it’s just vanity’ are sadly comments which we tend to hear.

I strongly believe that wanting to look the best you can is a natural human desire and is something we humans have wanted since we have been around!  If a person chooses to spend their money on designer clothes or make-up to give them that feeling then who are we to judge?  Similarly if someone is really bothered about that frown line that they see every day in the mirror and wishes to do something about it, is there really any difference in these two people when it comes to their desires and wants?

The point I am trying to make is that wanting to look more attractive shouldn’t be considered superficial.  Our self- image runs deep within our psyche and the positive effect of looking and feeling better on our psychological state is not to be underestimated.

Ok so back to looking more attractive.  Below are features that attractive people share and I discuss how this can be achieved in the right hands.


1. CHEEK BONES.  Having well-defined, high cheek-bones can really make someone appear more beautiful.  This is because younger and more attractive faces have the highest point of the face in the mid-face, a triangular face-shape. With age this the lower part of the face becomes heavier in appearance.  This is due to the decrease in volume and sagging which causes descent of the tissues which eventually leads to jowl formation.



Cheek enhancement with dermal filler can be used to give definition in people who aren’t natural blessed and they can also be used to lift the tissues in those where there has been volume loss.  People usually require 0.5ml to 1ml on each side.



2. BIG EYES.  Ok so there are no treatments that can increase the actual size of the eyes however ensuring there are no distractions around the eyes such as wrinkles or tear troughs results in a more wide-eyed appearance.  Aesthetics is not just about enhancing features it is also about minimising shadows which act as distractions in the face.  Understanding this is vital in achieving the most effective results.


Tear trough treatment involves injecting filler into specific parts under the eye to soften the hollowing and it can also be used to disguise eye bags in some people.



3. FULL LIPS.  Fuller lips have long been desired by women.  This is a sign of youth and again with age there are many changes to the lip shape, volume and texture.  All three can be enhanced with dermal filler in a natural-looking way.  It is really important the lips are not over filled as this, in my opinion, detracts from a person’s beauty.

Finally it is important to state that every person is different and these are general rules about attractiveness which may not apply to everyone.  During the consultation a treatment plan is created tailored to the individual’s own features.


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